What is the Mini Mix?

Mirror Immage's audio division, the Mini Mix Factory™, has developed a music system that crafts professional creations which makes a consistent production we call the Mini Mix. The Mini Mix fuels the various tastes of consumers and music lovers far and wide. Creating opportunities to interact with countless consumers, that same fuel is a continuous draw for advertisers as well.

A Mini Mix, quite simply, is a collection of songs that are creatively and rhythmically put together. The productions vary from a 2-, 3-, 4- or a 5-song mix. Our system creates enjoyable productions that maintain seamless transitions which allow each song to roll into the next.The combination of a few mini mixes playing randomly on someone’s media player is a party waiting to happen.

Uses for the Mini Mix

The Mini Mix is the next wave in music enjoyment. It is a must have addition to any music consumer’s collection. A Mini Mix is like having a DJ on demand ~ virtually allowing any music lover to be their very 'own' DJ.

The plug and play musical selections can be artist specific or the choice of time periods or genres using multiple artists. The use of the Mini Mix can be delivered in an assortment of ways.

Music consumers from around the world can appreciate hearing their favorite artists’ tracks. In addition, when we get to a certain stage, even more music lovers will truly appreciate hearing popular DJ(s) produce music magic with their individual style(s).

Future for the Mini Mix

The Mini Mix Factory™ has developed a formula and a method which will help with revenue opportunities. The complete process is self contained ~ allowing all parties including the record labels and artist(s) to do nothing more but collect their share of revenue.

The Mini Mix produces several strong income generating opportunities. In fact, the Mini Mix can be a new revenue stream for the music industry. DJs from around the globe have been delivering music mixes to enthusiastic listeners; yet the music industry has had very little occasion of tracking and monitoring these musical actions accurately, if at all. Using the Mini Mix places that illusive measurement and missed revenue back on the table.
To get an understanding of the Mini Mix, we have created Maximum Rhythm. It is our online listening party. It will provide for you the Mini Mix sounds in real time. We have provided a limited library to give the Mini Mix experience.

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