2-song Mini Mix

When one song just won't do... Here comes a 2-song mini mix. It helps you to create your groove.

Toes-tapping, head-bobbing... that first song brought you there. Now, in a mini mix, the second song takes the music listening experience to the next level.

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3-song Mini Mix

So, you want music to get you in the mood? A 3-song mini mix will hit the spot.

Whether it is jumping in the car to run errands or relaxing with a glass of wine, a mini mix will put you in the perfect mood.

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4-song Mini Mix

Let's start the party!

A 4-song mini mix is just that - a Party Starter. When you have four dynamic songs rhythmically put together to give a continuous groove, you have a recipe for getting the party going.

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Add a Mini Mix to the playlist

Marion Hill v01B
Got It

Rihanna v04A
Ya Da One

Mini Mixes on your Playlist
In today's make-up of business, we are always looking for that thing which can give us a little bit of an edge. That seemingly magical item that can help add to the bottom line. Mini Mixes can do that.

Mini Mixes adds Value
The product series allows for an opportunity to develop additional revenue by adding a tag to a mini mix to promote a sponsor. The listening audience gets a musical treat, sponsors get an additional chance to market and your station adds to the bottom line without making changes to the programming.

Feel free to use some of our pre-recorded mini mixes (2-song, 3-song or 4-song mini mixes) or you can contact us for any custom productions (323.804.0472).

Thank you for your interest in the Mini Mix Factory.

In the mix...

Mini Mix vXXA
Artist - Track
Artist - Track
Artist - Track
Artist - Track


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