year of the Mini Mix°

Experience hearing all of your favorite songs in the new revolutionary way to enjoy music.

This can allow your station to creat a new revenue stream. And it will cost you next to nothing.


Mini Mix Segments

The Mini Mix Factory has developed a revolutionary way to listen to music. This same new way of listening to music can add to a business' finacial bottom line.

We have created and developed a product called Mini Mixes°. These are 2-, 3-, 4- and 5-song mini mixes°. They are rhythmically combined to flow from one song to another. This allows programmers to satisfy their playlists and the audience gets a new way to enjoy their favorite artists. Our selections range through several genres and formats; as well, we can take specific selections you may need within your broadcast and provide a quality Mini Mix° just for you.

One of the hidden benefits that Mini Mixes° offer is that they provide an additional way to produce steady revenue. With the time slots filled for revenue generating opportunities within broadcasts, there is a premium on available space to be able to advertise. With our addition, a broadcast can have various sponsorships added to each hour using Mini Mixes° and without compromising any of the broadcast. Our Mini Mixes° are pre-produced so the concept flows with the automation that is maintained by standard broadcasts.

Within our segment group, the Mini Mix Factory provides theme generated produtions.

      - Avenue of Jazz:
This show provides a stimulating flow of smooth jazz tracks from some of the worlds greatest and brightest smooth jazz artists. Its production is designed to bring in not only the standard smooth jazz listener ~ but it is also draws a new & younger audience because of the non-stop delivery.

      - Night Life Mini Mix:
The Night Life Mini Mix is made for a mature audience. It provides a party tone for the grown folks. We prescribe it as an evening drive component. The music is a non-stop delivery with emphasis on night life activities for the mature audience.

      - My Sunday Stroll:
Where do you want to go today? That is what My Sunday Stroll is all about. This show takes you on a musical journey and the trip is filled with the music that will take you from the 1960's upto the turn of the century of 2000.

      - The Good Life Express:
This is simply our 'Grown-Folks' Party'. We recognize the airwaves are full of opportunities to party for a certain age group or two. We recognize that there is a group of people that do not get the same attention. We call those people Grown-Folks. The Good Life Express is just what the Grown-Folks need every weekend.

On this site you can browse and see the Mini Mixes° that would be right for your broadcast. And when you find that right one, it is only a couple of clicks away. We have Mini Mixes° available in various sections. There is even the opportunity to have Mini Mixes° specially made for your particular broadcast.

The Mini Mix Factory is taking the musical world by storm with Mini Mixes°. 2017 is the year of the Mini Mix°.


° patent pending